Improve Your Movement

Improve Your Movement

movemoreThis is the detailed breakout of the Improving Your Movement portion of the Quitting Sitting Transition Plan. You can view the main index of the plan here, or have it emailed to you, instantly, in full.

The single biggest benefit of standing is that it makes you more likely to move.

We’ve covered before (and before that) just how important small movement is for your health.

One of the first things you’ll notice with your transition to a standing desk is that your body will naturally shift from side to side to maintain comfort – encourage these movements.

You’ll notice one knee bend and the opposite hip will tilt outward, and then minutes later this posture will shift to the opposite side. If you tend to favor one side, try avoid this uneven habit. Remember that a variety of standing positions is the goal.

Accessorize Your Ideal Standing Posture with Healthy Movement

Lets describe different standing positions you might want to try switching between as you get used to standing at work. Here’s an overview of basic standing postures and movements to switch through while working at your standing station:

Quitting Sitting Transition Plan Improve Your Movement Accessory Postures

Click image to view full size.

Have fun with these movements. I know it sounds silly, but this stuff really can be fun.

UPDATE – You Can Now Move At Your Desk Way Way Better

Since we wrote this plan, Ergodriven released their Topo mat, and it is a game-changer when it comes to healthy movement at a standing desk.

With Topo, you get all the benefits of all the recommendations in that infographic above, but you don’t even have to think about doing it! Because Topo drives movement and postural variety subconsciously. It’s really a no brainer. The only choice you need to make? Which color to get.

Read our review of Topo or head straight to Topo’s page to grab your own.


Tip: It’s important to avoid slouching while standing at your computer. If you slouch while leaning forward then you are defeating some of the benefits of standing by incorrectly loading your spine.

Use these variations of positioning to avoid the bad habit of slouching (reference posture section) as you get accustomed to your standing workstation. When standing at a workstation your body will want to move to maintain comfort so using different positions properly can lead to healthy habit formation. If you avoid the natural urge to move around slightly (via the standing variations above) then your back will compensate by slouching (flexing forward). Now is the time to establish good habits and healthy movements!

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