How to Work From Home for the First Time - Tips for Productivity, Sanity, Health, and Happiness

How to Work From Home for the First Time - Tips for Productivity, Sanity, Health, and Happiness

More people start working from home each day. Whether it's a temporary change for you, or a permanent move to a new way of working - it's important to do it right.

Here at Ergodriven, we've been a fully remote team from the beginning. So we've learned a thing (or six) about working from home, and we'd like to share these tips with you.

  1. Be aware of what times of day you work effectively. For example, don't try to slog through the afternoon when you would be better off taking a nap, doing house chores, or getting outside, and continuing later.
  2. In the morning, don’t start work immediately. Wait at least a half hour. Drink some water, get dressed like you usually do, and take a short walk. Science shows measurable benefits from just a few minutes in green space. Bonus points if you avoid coffee for the first half hour you’re awake.
  3. Maintain regular meal times. It will discourage snacking, and help to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.
  4. Pick a physical location in your home for “work”, and put your game face on when you’re there. Keep your computer or laptop there. Step away, or better yet go outside, for all personal web browsing and social media. And do that stuff on a phone/tablet/2nd laptop.
  5. Be assertive with family members and animals (in my case): They will be happy that they get to see you on your breaks, but when it is time to work, that time isn't about them.
  6. This is your chance to build healthy habits in your new environment right from the start. Invest the time you save on commutes and small talk in your health and relationships. Get more sleep. Cook more nutritious meals. Spend more time outside.

Most of all - enjoy your new freedom and flexibility!

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