Safety Stop Information

Safety Stop
Your desk "safety stopped" because it thought it detected a collision. This feature of your desk is designed to reduce the risk of damage to people, pets, or property that are in the path of motion of the desk. Unfortunately, the detection method sometimes detects a "collision" when there's nothing there. If your desk is clear of obstructions, manually tilt up or down for 1 second and release to send the desk to the preset it was traveling to.

Safety stops can be annoying if this happens frequently. The detection occurs in the motor power module that came with your desk, but fortunately, Tempo may be able to communicate with this module and reduce the sensitivity of this detection.

How To Reduce Collision Detection Sensitivity
Warning, this could cause the desk to not detect some obstructions, so you should only do this if you can tolerate the resulting increased risk of damage. To reduce the collision detection sensitivity, do the following:

  1. Tilt the controller downward until the desk reaches the lowest position. Then release it.
  2. Tilt the controller downward again for several seconds until the display shows “In Reset”. (The desk is now in a special configuration mode. There are three available sensitivity settings:
      • “10.5” means the most sensitive, or most cautious, setting. Spurious "Safety Stop" warnings are more likely.
      • “10.6” means the medium setting.
      • “10.7” means the least sensitive setting.
    Sadly, there is no way to see the current setting; you can only change it to the next setting, which is displayed during the process. So, to return to the current setting, you will have to loop back around.)
  3. To select your preferred setting, lift upward on the controller for several seconds until display shows the new setting (“10.5”, “10.6”, or “10.7”) and again displays “In Reset”. If the displayed value matches your preference, you are done. Otherwise, repeat this step. Start with 10.6, and see if it eliminates the problem. If you still have a lot of false "Safety Stops", repeat this procedure choosing 10.7. (If you have lifted the controller upward for 10 or more seconds and the display has only shown “In Reset”, then you have a very old desk, and no sensitivity options are available.)
  4. To exit this special configuration mode and re-level the desk, tilt the controller downward again for several seconds until the desktop lowers slightly, then rises slightly, and the display changes back to the numeric height reading.