About Ergodriven

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and health professionals, with a huge vision for the future. And that vision starts with office ergonomics.

Meet the Founders:

Kit Perkins | CEO

Kit is a mechanical engineer by degree, and a self-taught entrepreneur, growth hacker, and web developer. With a strong interest in human design and its implications to guide his thirst for knowledge and get-stuff-done mentality, Kit is determined to make the world a healthier, more productive place for everyone.

Ryan Feeley | CTO

Ryan has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. As a brilliant engineer and burgeoning scientist, Ryan leads product development and validation. On the weekends, you can find him sprinting barefoot and shirtless in his local parks, with myriad home-brew sensors quantifying his body.

Everyone Else

We don't do it alone - far from it. We have a fantastic current team, and we've had the pleasure of working with some very talented contractors and interns. We're also incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic advisory board composed of seasoned professionals to help guide us to success. We've also benefitted from the support of world class technology companies, through Microsoft's BizSpark program and engineering simulation offerings from Ansys.

Our Most Valued Contributor - You

At Ergodriven, we think it is absolutely crucial to involve our users (or as we say, family) as much as possible. After all, the whole point is to improve your life - shouldn't you have a voice in that process? We achieve this primarily through our newsletter, where we involve you in unprecedented ways, including regular polls about potential new products. Go here to join - it's very interesting.