Topo's Launch Campaign Closes Today

Topo's Launch Campaign Closes Today

That was the busiest month of our lives! And there are busy ones ahead as well.

Topo's launch campaign was hugely successful, and we couldn't be prouder. We're also humbled and grateful for all of you joining us on this wild ride, helping to make Topo a reality.

I'm not great on video - as you'll see I have trouble smiling and thinking about what to say at the same time. I really am super duper happy, I promise. My face just doesn't cooperate!

Anyway, I'm really not great on video, but we put together a short clip to say thanks and welcome you to our next phase together. Check it out:

And since I'm a better writer than I am a tv personality (I know, not by much), I'd like to use this opportunity to say in print that we are over-the-moon excited right now. And I've probably said it too much already, but it seriously warms my heart to have you here supporting us as we bring Topo from prototypes to under your desk.

We'll be sharing nitty gritty details of that process as we get them, likely starting early next week. In the mean time, do something fun this weekend! You deserve it, you're helping to bring healthier standing into the world.

The Sharing Contest

Since the campaign is over, the sharing contest is too! The winner is Lois, with 172 views driven. Second and third place went to CPKaru and KevinSmits. We're sending them each a super cool ergonomic mouse (I haven't tried this model specifically, but it looks pretty sweet), and figured they also deserve a little appreciation in front of the whole family. Thanks all, and congratulations!

Production note: The campaign is officially over (ended 2/5 at midnight PST), but we had quite a few emails from stragglers pleading for one more day because they were traveling or their credit card was in the mail. So we're leaving the price at $99 for one more day (until 2/6 at midnight). After that, any pre-orders will be at the full $120 price (no more early-bird discount for super awesome backers like you), and their units will come out of the second manufacturing run a few months later.