Topo's Common Sense Disclaimer

This is not an exhaustive disclaimer because we’re still learning new ways people might use Topo every day. You’ll get a sheet with the real deal in your order shipment. In the mean time, here’s some relatively common sense stuff we thought of.

If we’re not awful communicators, it should be obvious by now that Topo is a radical departure from a conventional flat anti-fatigue mat, and that a low-profile was sacrificed to provide increased movement and optimal standing. This taller form factor does elevate the already present trip-and-fall risk of using a lower-profile anti-fatigue mat. Please use common sense in determining the appropriateness of introducing Topo into your home or office, and when in doubt, please work with your safety supervisor for an assessment. Don’t use Topo on walking surfaces, aisles, or routes of travel. Low heeled or “minimalist” shoes are recommended to increase your proprioception and kinesthetic awareness of the ground and of any potential hazards, including Topo. To reduce the trip-and-fall potential, practice good housekeeping and kick Topo under your desk when not in use (which is simple, because Topo is designed to slide easily when you’re not on it).

Please read the basic safety instructions that come with Topo when it arrives. If you decide that Topo is not appropriate for your situation, please return it for a full refund.

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to send us an email.