Spark Common Sense Disclaimer

This is not an exhaustive disclaimer because we’re still learning new ways people might use Spark every day. You’ll get a sheet with the real deal in your order shipment. In the mean time, here’s some relatively common sense stuff we thought of.

We worked hard to make Spark stable and strong, but it is possible to knock it over if you bump into it hard. To reduce that risk, keep Spark at least a few inches back from the edge of your desk, especially in high traffic areas. If Spark does get knocked over, we don't take responsibility for any damage caused to your equipment. So be careful! Sitting is terrible, so if you've been doing it a lot (especially for a long time), it is wise to transition to standing slowly and intentionally. We recommend QuittingSitting's transition plan, viewable online here. Beyond that, if things hurt, stop doing them and figure out the cause. Most people transition to standing at work easily and without issue, but this is a marathon, not a sprint, so exercise patience and prudence.

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to send us an email.